Rachel Gogos

Founder & CEO

“Identity is inseparable from business, any type of business.  The two are intertwined.  I love the transformative power that understanding their own personal brand can have on people, they way it can lead them to define their dreams and live their most fulfilling lives.”

Rachel Gogos is a serial-entrepreneur and brand strategist with a passion for helping people discover, develop, and market their authentic souls online.  From her career start at United Nations headquarters in New York city – where she helped create the look and feel for the organization’s first website – to her current role, Rachel channels over 20 years of marketing and communications experience into each and every one of brandiD’s clients.

As the founder of brandiDiDentityShoppe and MyPath101, Rachel is a true Internet pioneer who was creating business on the web before Google was established as a commercial entity in 1998 and long before the phrase “personal branding” became an industry buzzword.

She’s held positions at The Wall Street Journal, DowJones.com as well as launched three companies (besides brandiD) of her own. Her entrepreneurial spirit started young; the product of Greek immigrants and Buffalo-based entrepreneurs, Rachel literally grew up in the restaurant business. As a budding entrepreneur, she developed a strategy and brand identity to turn a dilapidated eatery into a hip family restaurant, which remains a popular destination to this day.

True to her roots, she loves to work with entrepreneurs and co-founded Internet incubator SiliconFish.com in the late 90’s while living in Manhattan. The company was a leader in helping to establish and brand offline businesses on the web.

While brandiD has enjoyed steady growth since it’s inception, Rachel credits much of that growth to her amazing team and a handful of collaborations with inspiring entrepreneurs and startups including Jonathan Fields and GoodLifeProject.com where she was a workshop leader at the inaugural Camp GLP; CopyBlogger.com’s Genesis themes as a preferred partner and Chatham University’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship as their preferred web design and development agency.

A writer at heart Rachel used to write a column, Digital You, which appeared on the online Business section of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.com.  She was also a contributing author to the #1 selling personal branding book on Amazon.com, Personal Branding For Dummies (Wiley.)  For four years Rachel was also the Editor-in-Chief of YOUnique, one of the few newsletters focusing exclusively on personal branding and building online identities, for industry guru William Arruda and his company Reach.

When she isn’t immersing herself in all things personal-brand related, Rachel can be found honing her negotiating skills with her two young girls, Zoe and Alexa, or making her famous tiropita, much to the joy of her husband, Dino.

Rachel’s Top 3 Beliefs & Convictions

  1. Be authentic. Being your true self is liberating and empowering, and the best part about it is you don’t have to worry about trying to be someone you’re not!
  2. Everything happens for a reason. Although it may be hard to see it at the time, something good always comes out of a bad situation.
  3. Life is too short for bad coffee and bad company. Surround yourself with great people.


  • She worked at The Wall Street Journal’s news desk and was a founding editor at dowjones.com.
  • As the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Communications for the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation. Rachel helped energize and administer Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s technology programs, resulting in one of his most successful economic development initiatives.
  • Often interviewed as spokesperson for the Pittsburgh region commenting on attracting business to the area in publications such as the Pittsburgh Business Times, Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
  • Was and still is mentored by the founder of Reach Personal Branding, William Arruda, “the personal branding guru” according to Entrepreneur magazine.
  • Master’s in Leadership, Technology & Education focusing on Higher Education from New York University.