Personal Branding

YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR BRAND. Define your path. Create your future.

When it comes to achieving career success, you are your own secret weapon. In many ways, entrepreneurs ARE their company (think of Steve Jobs, whose “think different” mentality gave us Apple). And you’ve got what no other business has: you. Which is why brandiD’s Personal Branding consulting service focuses on what makes you, your brand, and your company unique.

You can’t let the world know how special your business is until you’re able to articulate what it is that makes you exceptional.

Entrepreneurs—whether they’re artists or accountants—need to be able to identify the strengths they bring to their business which distinguish it from any other. It’s those distinctive qualities that will make a client choose to work with you rather than someone else.

The Personal Branding Process

brandiD’s founder, Rachel Gogos, is a Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist, and she works directly, one-on-one, with any client who opts to participate in the personal branding program. Here are the steps she’ll lead you through in building an unforgettable personal brand:

1.) Understanding Your Personal Brand
Together you’ll develop deep understanding of your personal brand through a series of exercises that allow you to step back and look at your business and your role in it. BrandiD even offers a specialized program just for women.

“This process of exploration is provocative, profound, and a catalyst for powerful change,” says Rachel. “Clients always tell me how surprised they are by how much impact the results have. It’s a real game-changer as far as how they see their businesses—and themselves.”

2.) Creating a Personalized Marketing Strategy
Once you’ve defined the qualities that make your brand one of a kind, the next step is developing a marketing strategy to help your personal brand gain recognition and traction. The brandiD team identifies the best methods and tools to connect with your target audience, and creates systems by which you can measure your success.

3.) Building an Online Identity
brandiD will develop an authentic online presence for your brand, one that is true to who you are. It can be as specific as creating a logo or tagline, as visual as selecting your color palette, or as complex as building a multifaceted website, complete with a video bio to greet clients and blogging capabilities to continue your conversation with them. Finally, the brandiD team makes sure your brand has a strong social media presence on either Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn, among other media.

Ready to get started?

The values you define during your personal branding consultation will influence every step of your business expansion from creating your online identity to spreading your message through social media. Get in touch with us to begin the exploration.