DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. No one else can offer your clients what you can.

The key to success is breaking the mold, not squeezing into one. It’s your unique values and characteristics that will make you and your business stand out. We will help you stand out with a program that’s custom-designed for.

Personal Branding

brandiD specializes in helping you define your unique talents, because a distinctive personal brand is what stands out in a crowded marketplace. The key to attracting clients is understanding and expressing your point of difference. (And you wouldn’t be the first client to tell us that all that reflection and exploration transformed not just how you conduct your business but also how you live your life.)


Together, we’ll identify your customers and make a smart plan to reach them. And as you plan to expand your business, you want to make sure that it’s growing in the right directions. The brandiD team will save you time and effort by advising you on where to focus your attention and energy. And get to know your ethos so well that we ensure your brand is consistent, across your marketing channels.

Web & Blog Development

These days most clients “meet” you online–so your online identity is of utmost importance. At brandiD, we live and breathe the web, and have for years. This enables us to use the latest tools, together with thoughtful strategy, to create websites and blogsites that are vibrant, inviting, and authentic representations of your personal brand.


It’s a modern entrepreneur’s dilemma: vital contacts are made using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media, but you’re too busy building a business to tweet. That’s where we come in: brandiD creates social media platforms and shows clients how to use them effectively; we can even handle the day-to-day work of social media for you.