About BrandiD

PERSONAL IS POWERFUL!  Find your voice, and WOW the world.

It’s an irony of modern technology: the rise of the internet makes it possible to reach more people than ever before, but the larger the online community grows, the more important personal connection becomes. With so many voices out there, yours runs the risk of being drowned out—unless it’s clear, true and consistent! Before you can spread the word about your business to a greater number of clients, you need to know exactly what message you want to send.

That’s where we come in; established in 2007, brandiD is a web design and development firm that’s as interested in touching your soul as it is in raising your salary. We specialize in personal branding, marketing strategy, online identity development, custom web design and development—and we do it all working from the belief that your individuality is your greatest asset. It’s a business philosophy we think is just as important as our technological expertise.

From Digitally “Dismal” to “Distinct”

What can you expect from us? Thoughtfulness, accountability and original thinking. Made up of bold, innovative, and passionate individuals, the brandiD team merges analytical insights and business savvy with creative flair—and we do what we say we will on time and on budget.

Every client project starts with an assessment to get to the root of the qualities that make you, and your business, distinct. Next, we create a customized strategic marketing plan that helps you build an authentic, wide-reaching, online presence. Our tools include everything from a branded biography to a strong social media presence to a unique blog-site featuring customized videos that capture your personality.

That’s what we do: we’re innovative brand strategists, web specialists, and social media masters. As for what you do, we’re eager to help you do it better. Contact us and together we’ll define what makes you inescapably YOU. Then, we’ll help you tell the world.

Building a Brand on a Budget? Try a Template Site.

IdentityShoppe.com specializes in creating simple but spectacular sites that are ideal for the budget-conscious client. How do we do that? You take the lead by picking from our selection of templates (which are all built on the StudioPress platform), colors, and fonts. Once you supply us with your content, you work with our team of web builders to create a site that lets the world know what makes you one-of-a-kind. In the end, you’ve got a web presence that’s affordable, authentic, and appealing. It’s simply you—online!

Work With Us and Make a “Social Impact”

Our over-arching mission at brandiD is to help people find their calling so they can build thriving professional lives through the smart use of digital media.

To serve youth in an affordable and meaningful way we recently launched a web app, MyPath101, that empowers high school and college students to:

  1. Understand their interests, strengths, abilities, and what motivates them so that they can make smart, informed, and deliberate decisions when selecting their major;
  2. Utilize social media to build their personal brand in a careful, intentional, purposeful manner so that they are “job-search ready” at the right time; and
  3. Conduct a job search in a thoughtful, assertive, informed, and effective way.

We believe that self-awareness guides thoughtful decision making, which creates a domino effect that ultimately leads to living a more intentional life.

A percentage of brandiD profits covers the administrative costs of MyPath101. As our potential client, we wanted you to know that working together to build your brand and business will also make an impact in somebody else’s life through MyPath101!