William Arruda: Personal Branding Pioneer

Multi-media Personal Branding Portal

Creating the First Multi-Media Online Personal Branding Destination

Client: PersonalBranding.TV, William Arruda
Profession: Personal Branding
Years Practicing: 10+

Business Challenge:

Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda approached brandiD to create a cutting edge, multi-media website. He had three goals in mind:

• Continue to stay ahead of the innovation curve. His company, Reach Personal Branding has always been “first to market” for many branding services.

• Create a new tool for the hundreds of people that have been certified in his personal branding certification program.

• To create some buzz around his company as well as create a new space where some passive advertising revenue can be generated.

William essentially came to us with a few design requirements – logo, needs to showcase multi-media copy (audio and video) and the details of the navigation bar. One other requirement – adding new content had to be simple. We had a blank slate and we were given carte blanche creatively – a dream client!

Personal Branding


Our Solution:

We were able to breathe life into an unused domain name PersonalBranding.TV, that William owned for several years. After researching several great video sites like Vimeo.com, YouTube.com, etc., we developed a design that would showcase several great videos at once while making it intuitive for the end user to find and navigate a variety of categories. Built entirely in WordPress, it is also remarkably simple for William’s team to update the site.

The audio archive for the popular “Reach Personal Branding Interview Series” is entirely housed on the site. Reach-Certified Personal Brand Strategists are also highlighted on the site with their own branded sub-category on a navigation drop down.

By creating a distinct branded dock-bar, each of William’s other corporate entities are easily associated with him, found and one can quickly navigate to. It also adds a sense of cohesiveness to William’s personal branding empire.


brandiD helped William achieve and exceed his initial goals. PersonalBranding.TV is the first and largest web resource featuring personal branding advice and support. The contemporary design is on-brand and on-message, but equally as important it is incredibly user-friendly. The site acts as a showcase for William’s Reach-certified personal brand strategists, and the numerous unique monthly visitors can easily access the quick-to-load videos. In the short time since launching, the site has become extremely popular and now boasts hundreds of incoming links.