Betsy Reiling: Homeopath

Logo and Web-Design, Product Logo and Marketing Materials

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Client: Betsy Reiling Wellness
Profession: Homeopath
Years Practicing: 20

Business Challenge:

Betsy turned to brandiD to help her increase visibility for her services, conceive a brand for a product line, develop a longer-term business strategy and create her own online space. A practicing homeopath for over 20 years, Betsy has been working out of the Pittsburgh Nuin Center – a premier holistic and integrative wellness center. Betsy had a page on the Nuin Center’s website when we began our engagement. While her business was doing well Betsy knew it could do better.

As a result from a Personal Branding 360 review we conducted it became clear that Betsy’s clients viewed her as Pittsburgh-centric, despite her extensive world travel, global homeopathic certifications and studies with internationally renowned practitioners Rajan Sankaran, Jayesh Shaw and Divya Chambra. She needed a fresh, and dynamic, platform to showcase her global, homeopathic expertise and her new product lines.

Betsy Reiling Wellness


Betsy Reiling Wellness


Our Solution:

After the eye-opening results of the 360 review, brandiD’s research identified Betsy as the ONLY certified homeopath in the Pittsburgh region and one of 10 people in the country who are schooled in Rajan Sankaran’s Vital Sensation Method and are faculty at the American Medical College of Homeopathy.

We created a long-term vision and strategy for Betsy and her product line by developing an appealing corporate name, Daffodil Labs. We designed a logo around her name Betsy, to continue to build Betsy’s personal brand as a homeopathic wellness leader. Additionally, brandiD created a WordPress website built to highlight her many accomplishments, showcase her business and to give her a space to start blogging.


Now that Betsy has a place on the web to share her vast knowledge she is one of Pittsburgh’s most recognized homeopathic wellness practitioners. Site sections like “Flu Care Guide” and her blog, help position her as an industry expert and educator. Her online visibility and reach has greatly increased, as her new site has first page Google rankings for both her name and her company name, expanding her visibility across the web and around the world.